Stamm Development Group stands as a hallmark of synergy between innovation and lifestyle in the realm of real estate development. With our headquarters opening in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2015 and an expansion into Delray Beach, Florida in 2021; we operate as a multi-state firm renowned for our unwavering commitment to quality, excellence, and personalized service.

At the heart of our company lies the goal of each property we develop being a testament to our passion for creating living spaces that elevate the everyday into an extraordinary lifestyle experience.  Our team at Stamm Development Group meticulously selects top-tier architectural firms, interior designers, engineering experts, general contractors, and sales teams to infuse every project with a distinctive flair for lifestyle excellence and bespoke luxury.

Our diverse portfolio reflects this dedication, spanning from opulent single-family residences to exquisite townhome developments, and luxurious multi-family apartment complexes.

Throughout our success, Stamm Development Group has cultivated three integral pillars of our enterprise, each serving as a  commitment to both developing the communities and our valued buyers. The SDG Foundation, established in 2018, stands as a beacon of our dedication to giving back within the very communities we develop in. Meanwhile, Coastal Abstract, a Title and Settlement Services Company launched in 2022 in South Florida, mirrors the gold standard of service that defines Stamm Development Group, ensuring that every transaction is executed with precision and excellence. Finally, our brokerage, rooted in our Philadelphia office, not only expands our portfolio but also collaborates closely with our development team, perpetuating our quest to unearth and nurture the finest development opportunities across the regions we develop in.

Since our inception, we’ve demonstrated an exceptional ability to attract capital from national and regional banks, private equity family offices, and, high net worth individuals, fueling our vision and enabling us to realize ambitious projects. Moreover, our deep-rooted community relationships serve as the foundation for our multi-strategy approach, guiding us in identifying, acquiring, developing, and managing our portfolio with precision and finesse.

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Michael Stamm

President / Chief Executive Officer

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