Sean McAllister

Director of Development

Sean McAllister is The Director of Development that joined Stamm Development Group in 2019.

Sean is a 2016 graduate of the Rowan University – Rohrer College of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Prior to joining Stamm Development Group, Sean spent over two years at J.P. Morgan & Chase where he specialized in international and domestic lending as well as domestic cash reinvestment. Throughout the early stages of Sean’s professional career, he has always been a highly motivated, self-starting employee who has established himself as a key player within the fabric of each organization he has been a part of.

Since joining Stamm Development Group, Sean has played an integral role in the growth of the business through acquisitions and land development. Sean is at the forefront of every potential transaction that comes through Stamm Development Group. He is fundamental in deal evaluation by using extensive market research and in-depth financial modeling to underwrite and assess possible real estate development opportunities. Sean works in tandem with the biggest and best brokers and real estate agents to quickly navigate all incoming deal flow for the firm.

Once a project has been given the green light, Sean plays the quarterback of the development team throughout the entire land entitlement process. Doing this allows Sean to work directly with the architects and engineers that bring our visions to life on paper. In depth knowledge of zoning codes, building codes and City agencies have helped Sean establish himself in the development world in all locations Stamm Development Group is active. Navigating the land development process efficiently and effectively is what has allowed Stamm Development Group to excel at such a rapid pace and has largely been lead through Sean. Sean sees an expansion into a new City as an opportunity to learn the complexities of an entire new system and thought process.

While spearheading the development team, Sean also plays a key part in securing debt financing and contractor negotiation. One of the most important parts of development is creating a project on paper that can be built in the field. Sean ensures this is possible by working directly with third party general contractors to engineer a cost-effective product that everyone involved is proud to have their name attached to.

As Sean’s role has grown at Stamm Development Group, he continues to prove himself as a valued asset for the team. He is never afraid to ask what else he can do to help and how he can help improve all facets of the business.