Gabriella Lewald


Gabriella is currently studying at the Lebow College of Business at Drexel University with plans to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business. She has a knack to thrive in a plethora of sales careers, such as her current position with SDG as a Leasing Intern. Gabriella earned her position through Drexel University’s cooperative education program, where she takes part in a six-month internship during the spring and summer. Since she began her position in March of 2022, Gabriella has established herself as a crucial member of the Leasing Team by maintaining constant communication with prospective renters, drafting and analyzing legal documents, and being a leader in important leasing discussions.


Additionally, she concentrates her efforts in featuring Stamm Development Group’s expansive portfolio through social media, including the company Instagram and public advertisements. With skills in issue resolution and customer service paired with proficiency in both Spanish and English, she is a driven employee and an asset to the team. Prior to Gabriella joining our team, she held a position as a Certified Trainer at Chipotle Mexican Grill